Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pink or Blue?

We are approaching D-Day, the big ultrasound. The one where you find out the flavour of the child-to-be. Pink or blue, hamburger or hot dog.

We didn't find out with Anna and believe it or not that was an easy decision to make and stick with. I had a few harumph moments when stocking up for the baby-to-be, but mostly because the vast majority of parents find out the sex of their child in this country, so newborn stuff comes in pink, blue or ducks. After a while I tired of ducks.

I think we may break with principle this time and find out, although in all honesty all I want to discover next week is whether the creature has an appropriate number of limbs, heart chambers etc. A skinny neck would be a plus too.

The reason we may find out is for Anna's sake. We think that it will help her warm to the idea of a new sibling if she can talk to baby Pink or Blue as a future sister or brother. Thus far she has been heart-achingly wonderful about 'Fa'an' as she has called my bump. Chattering away to my midriff about teaching 'her' to paint, to bead, to hunt for bugs. All life's critical lessons. She has decided that I am having a boy, that she is having a girl, but interestingly always refers to Fahan as a she.

On the cusp of finding this out, what do we think, and more importantly do we care if we're faced with a hamburger or a hot dog?

The obvious answer is no, other than a complete and healthy foetus we don't care in the slightest. I am surprised at the number of people who have told us their hopes that we will 'get our boy'.

I think secretly LK would prefer a boy, he is after all the last male K, and I know for certain that his Dad wants us to have a little lad.

I have enjoyed having a girl so much that I would err on the side of girl. We have the stuff, Anna would possibly bond with a female sibling more readily, and I see how close my Mum is with her sisters and her Mum and I would like that in my future. I miss my Mum. Plus ALL of our friends in town have girls. All of them. It would appear that LK's High School class is incapable of producing a solid Y chromosome between them. Oh, and I also don't want to have to make this decision.

So what do I think next week's tests will show? (Hopefully not LK's prominent Scandinavian jaw if it is a girl.....). I suppose one way to answer that, a question posed to me a lot recently, is Do I feel different?

Have I been sicker than last time? I would say yes, but I attribute that to stress and fatigue more than hormones. Have I mentioned the stress lately?! Plus I only threw up once with both pregnancies. Weird but true, so that would make it a girl.

Am I carrying lower? Yes. Which would make it a boy (allegedly), although I think only my bladder and existing scar tissue are stopping my uterus from hanging around my knees after birthing our first watermelon of a child.

Am I craving sweets or meats/cheeses? Yes. Which would make me a fat cow. I've been craving the same as last time really, yogurt. Mmm yogurt. The only difference being last time it was strawberry or cherry and now I'm favouring peach. I've also gone off meat, particularly roast chicken and red meat, same as last time. Which would make it a girl. I also had to break off from writing at this point to go and get a yogurt. Mmm.

Rapid growth of the chest? Yes, or rather HELL YES. This is apparently also an indicator of a girl.

Headaches? Definitely more than last time. Which means a boy apparently. Although it might also indicate the height of summer in Southern California and me never remembering to drink enough water.

Carrying out front or on the bum and hips? LK will confirm that I have officially 'never had an arse' so out front again. Apparently this is a girl.

Heartrate? I happen to think this could be an accurate marker of the sex (Anna's was always very high), this creature's was also high, but I only got one reading very early on so not a definitive reply I'm afraid, more of a faint girl.

Sod's Law? I have a girl's name already chosen so sod's law dictates that this must and shall be a boy.

Genes? Family history would tend to indicate a girl followed by a boy, especially on LK's side, which is after all the genetically critical side.

So in that brief and highly dodgy survey the results are:

Pink Team = 5, Blue Team = 4

What's your guess? Any gut feelings? (pardon the pun). Any old wives tales suggestions that I've missed?


Anonymous said...

I am going to go with Anna and say boy. Kids seems to be strangely intuitive with these things. When I was pregnant with Quinn I would occasionally ask Cooper if he wanted a brother or a sister, and whether the baby in mommy's tummy was a boy or a girl . . . he always said he wanted a brother, but that the baby in my tummy was a girl. Either way, I will be thinking of you and hoping for a HEALTHY baby.

mama speak said...

Well, I already know, but I would've said grrrrl anyway. The stats are on the side of your first born, and both my pregnancies were night and day seriously so I know there's no indication there.

I have two girls and they are total BFFs (ages 5 & 2) and I can say that nothing makes me happier then to watch them play together. I so wish I'd had a sister like this (I may rethink this comment in a few years.)

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