Monday, August 04, 2008

Shadow Play


mama speak said...

Got your comment about the labor scare w/#2.

You know how they say every pregnancy/labor/child is different? They aren't kidding, they really aren't.

I really enjoyed your pix of your daughter while swimming w/her head wound. :-))

Hyphen Mama said...

Such cute pictures!

Regarding your question: how to come to peace with financial stress? I cried for 2 weeks straight when we got the layoff news. Then I listened to some spiritual cd's when I went to bed--NO IDEA what they're about. They were given to me by a friend and I'd never listened to them and because I only hear it while I'm sleeping, I don't know what they're about. Some sort of positive thinking something-or-other. AND I realized that me being the non-worker in the home means I have no bearing on what his career path takes. It's his lesson. I can't force him to do what I think he should. Hahahah... we'll see how long it lasts after his last day of work (Aug 31). Oh and NO prescription drugs.