Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gettin' Busy

The date for my Oath Ceremony is fast approaching, and I've been forwarded a questionnaire to complete prior to the big day. In the THREE WEEKS since I had my naturalization interview they want to know if:

  • I've married, divorced or been widowed
  • Practiced polygamy
  • Received income from illegal gambling
  • Been a prostitute
  • Procured anyone else for prostitution
  • Been involved in any unlawful commercialized vice
  • Encouraged an alien to illegally enter the US
  • Trafficked drugs or marijuana (why are they separate?)
  • Joined the Communist Party
  • Been a habitual drunkard.
I'm starting to wonder about this country of yours (soon to be mine).

On the other hand my blog would be a damn sight more interesting if even half of those had occurred during NaBloPoMo.


Nimble said...

That unlicensed mah jongg parlor in the lower unit couldn't go unnoticed forever you know.

Expat mum said...

Because if you were the type of person to have done any of those things, you'd fess up immediately. Doh!

Anonymous said...

The last one on the list is my favourite. Do you get to wear a fur hood for your Oath Day ceremony? S x

JENNY said...

Was it you who recommended http://www.texterrors.com I've laughed so I cry for all the txt messages that come to the wrong person

/ J

Anonymous said...

Habitual Drunkard? Did you answer this one without the slightest tinge of guilt?

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