Monday, November 22, 2010

A Toy Story

If any photo summed up my youngest daughter it would be this one:

I love the way, she's going, 'what?'

She is a bit of a kleptomaniac. Perhaps it comes from being a somewhat neglected second child, and that means clinging with absolute desperation to what is exclusively hers. She is obsessed with this ladybird/ladybug swim ring (apologies, I have dualing nationalities). If she sees it, she has to wear it. “Swimming?” she will ask at 8:57pm, as if that’s the most natural thing in the world. “Sucey go swimming?” she says as I try to get everyone out of the door for school. She likes to be prepared. Imagine the horror of being caught at a pool without ladybird.

I used to be one of those childless eye-rollers, the ones who would think, what sap of an adult is letting their toddler wear a flotation device in Trader Joes? Who is the adult in this situation? Who is in control?

The truth is, you pick your battles. She has an iron will, and this lady’s not for turning. Which is why Lucy was wearing a ladybird ring, and clutching ‘Doll’ and ‘Bobot’ as we did some last minute pre-book club grocery shopping. It was a tight fit in that shopping trolley. I joked that she was expecting a flash flood, it was forecast for rain after all. The cashier gave me a look that read ‘lady, get a grip’.

Maybe I forgot to mention that Lucy was also brandishing a toothbrush.


Meegan said...

As the mother of 4 year-old girl who wore a stethoscope EVERY DAY for a YEAR, I understand. I now have a 2 year-old son who occasionally wears a tutu with his Woody (Toy Story) boots. I say, major in the majors! Encourage healthy self-expression! They're little. They can only look like crazy hobos for so long, right? (And then again, in college, I suppose...).

Domestic Goddesque said...

Brilliant. I'm waiting for Dimples to start being so possessive ;-)

Rachel said...

A small backpack is great for this stage. She can carry whatever she wants without queer looks. What would she do if you deflated the ladybird?

crc said...

i was just thinking - why can't we all just wear what we want? i would really like to wear my chili pepper pajamas to school some days. it's not just because they're comfy - they make me smile. i'm pretty sure they would make a few of my students and co-workers smile. that's a good thing, right?

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