Friday, January 05, 2007

Breeding Like Rabbits

Here's a couple of pictures of jumpers I've finished within the last month due to a recent rash of babies amongst my friends. I have another to bang out by next month too.

I'm quite chuffed with how they've turned out though. The design is a Debbie Bliss sweater with a rabbit pattern somewhat culled from 'Miffy' a cartoon bunny I grew up with but who nobody seems to know over here. Here's a link if you're interested in some good old Miffyness - including a Miffy card game that had me on the edge of my computer chair for a very long time during one particularly dull morning at the office.

Now this obviously begs the question - what have I made for my own dear daughter recently??? How many rabbit sweaters does she own???

Sadly, here's the most recent photo I have of Anna wearing anything I've made her. She doesn't exactly look like she's 19 months old in this pic does she? Although, even if I have to say it myself, she's one damn fine looking baby. Even in that ridiculous outfit.



Lorax said...

How's 'bout a link to where I can get ahold of the pattern?!! That is a ripping little jumper and people are breeding like mad all around me.

Lorax here. Apparently Anna isn't getting any less cute the more you feed her. Keep it up. That's what you do with offspring, right? Feed them and see what happens over time.

Happy New Year to you and LK! I'll have to send y'all some home made English Toffee so you can keep that lard ratio up like the rest of us mortals. xoxoxox

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