Thursday, January 18, 2007

To The Mattresses

Do you want to know one of things that sucks arse about being a landlord? Do you though? Do you really? Well, sit down and take a deep breath because I'm about to spill all.

Mattresses. It's a mattress free-for-all chez K. One of our ex-tenants left his mattress by the side of the dumpster when he was moving out. LK caught him, and agreed that we'd have the trash people move it and bill the ex-tenant later. Not such a genius plan as it turns out, because not only is it highly bloody unlikely we'll ever manage to retro-bill a student once he's left our cozy slum, but the bin-men did not take the mattress as scheduled, leaving it to get all sodden in the *shock horror* rain, we actually had last night, and then this morning:-


Where are they coming from? This is exponential mattress growth. I'm terrified to go home in case there's an entire mattress-city squatting by our carports.

What an attractive look for an apartment complex don't you think? Nothing says 'welcome home' like the sight of four stained and shredded mattresses as you get out of your car. I'm sure Santa Barbara Magazine are just itching for that double-page spread.

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