Thursday, January 04, 2007

Say What?

LK calling this morning:
'Wrigs, I just had to tell you before I started my lesson...'

So apparently it's true, I am at present 33% body fat. I asked one of the docs, just conversationally, how these body fat monitor scales work, and he said, and I kid you not 'they measure impotence' at which point, he flushed and 'ahemed' a lot, and quickly added 'I meant impedance', ie the rate at which fat impedes the flow of water. So if you've been working out at the gym you shouldn't immediately go and check your fat ratios, because you're dehydrated and it'll give a false reading. Well, duh, I'm always dehydrated due to the gin. So by my rationale I have no problem. Cheers!

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Reema dsouza said...

Super blog, I love your articles and reports, good luck.