Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

Maybe you remember our million dollar washing machine. Well, it appears I've now purchased a hundred dollar pile of crumbs and fondant.

My nanny makes wonderful cakes as a sideline, this is the one she made for Anna's first birthday party - gorgeous I'm sure you agree.

Well, Saturday was my friend R's baby shower, and I wanted something special, so I asked the nanny to go for broke. On Saturday morning at 10:30 she called and said there was a problem. She'd been driving the cake over to me, and someone had pulled out in front of her, and now the cake was all over her car. She was devastated, and offered to buy me a new cake. What could I do though? I knew she was on a tight budget, anyone is who has to pay rent in this town, so I offered to pay her $75 for it - the original agreed price. After all, it all tastes the same in the end, and I thought I'd be able was able to dress it up a bit with some flowers and hide some of the more obvious cracks. She agreed.

After the shower, and much wine, I told LK that I'd paid her despite the carnage, and he said 'how much did you pay her?' and I confessed to paying her the full amount because, hey, she did do the work and accidents do happen. Then he told me 'Wrigs, I paid her $40 for ingredients on Thursday.'

Nice one! I think she could have admitted to this don't you?

$115 Spacka Cake. It does look a bit like an old lady's hat though doesn't it?

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