Friday, November 02, 2007

Gratuitous Photo Post

November 2nd and I'm already clutching at straws.

Here's a few photos from the Halloween Party hosted by the wonderful Mrs Skeletor.

Yes, those are my old college footie socks. For the wheel!!!
In my defence I've been sick for 3 weeks, and had 5 minutes to throw together an outfit. I should never have worn those fake knobbly knees.

Next year I'm definitely just buying a chuffing wig. How awesome is this?

Yes she really is that damn cute.
It must be good genes.

.....and finally the piece de resistance. Hans, Franz, and random flamenco guy. Can you believe they're all sober? No, neither can I.

That's a statue of a witch in the foreground, and not a small child of unfortunate head-size, although you'd have been amused at the party to find how many people tripped over her and then apologized profusely.

.....seriously though, check out what she's looking at......

....I think she's right, I think it is a very dodgy stain.


Fresh Hell said...

You think you are clutching at straws . . . I'm already trolling my email archive for interesting crap to fake it with. At least you have pictures.

mmennen said...

Great photos! I need a wig too - let's go shopping at World of Magic! Good job so far on NaBloPloMo.... or whatever it is.....