Monday, November 19, 2007

Phoning It In

I've just deposited an Anthem BlueCross BlueShield check for $0.03.

Thanks, Anthem - thorough!

(and the NaBloPoMo award for shortest post goes to......)


Amy said...

generous of them, eh?

Fresh Hell said...

You can take the test that I took today and post that. Just a thought.

I too have some supremely short posts that have reared thier sad little heads so far this month.

Posting every day is posting every day . . . it doesn't have to be worth a damn, and I've taken that to heart.

Sugarplum's Mom said...

are you serious? It cost them more to print the darn thing, never mind the cost of the stamp.

That said - we just got a check for $1.00 this week.

villa luna said...

if only you hadn't posted that last question - you might have won for shortest post but that award goes (so far) to fussy. HOWEVER, yours actually tells a story. so.... i think you win!

villa luna said...

err... just realized i should tell you i'm 'currently' - not just some random unheard from before lurker but the lurker who commented on a previous post!

jenny cook said...

that's crazy.

and by the way, i tagged you for a meme. sorry. those were the rules! :)