Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'd Like To Thank.....

Memes are to NaBloPoMo as Baby Einstein DVDs are to parents of infants. After a while you have to give in and use them because you've run out of options.

StickyFeathers tagged me yesterday on 7 random facts. I'm going to tweak this one a little, because I'm fresh out of random facts (I'm simply not that random) so in deference to the upcoming holiday I'm going to list 7 things I'm thankful for:

1. The 10 days in November & December when we don't have house guests.

2. Interest rates being cut. Oh you have no idea.

3. The upcoming 5 day holiday (yup I'm tacking on Monday too).

4. I finally got upgraded to OS10 at work. So long hamster!

5. Anna's kick-ass 3 hour naps that have been going on for months now.

6. The fact that I not only love but genuinely like my family.

7. You, my faithful bloggy readers - yes all three of you! Your comments, and support regularly make my day - even though some of you are clearly insane.

Christ, 7 things, that was a toughie.

OK, I'm sending this to a few of my favourite people. I need 7 things you're thankful for. Points for sarcasm.

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Fresh Hell said...

As to point 7 . . . You talkin' shit, white girl! I'll cut you!

Seriously, I was starting to develop agita thinking of what I would post next. Can't believe I'm saying this . . . I'm thankful for memes. Oy!

Amy said...

happy thanksgiving. i'll work on the 7 things but i'll save it for tomorrow's post as i'll need one then!

Summerland girl said...

7 things I love...

!. My ipod and walking!
2.Plastic surgery exists
3.My husbands body. I LOVE IT!
4.When my son tells my I'm prettier than the Victoria's secret girl! He's 5. It has to be true.

AliBlahBlah said...

Wow, Summerland girl, I was going to put your husband's body on my list too - thank goodness I didn't have to come up with 10 things. Now we can still be friends ;)