Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You Are What You Eat

I am flying, heart racing, palms sweating from a hastily downed lunch of left over pasta and thickly buttered bread - the remnants of yesterday's pharmaceutical company sponsored lunch. We get a catered lunch practically every day as drug reps vie for the attention of our doctors. I know, your overpriced prescriptions are feeding my face. I feel guilty I do, but there's no time for a debate on the ethics of drug sales, sorry, this is NaBloPoMo, I have no time. Must post fluff!

What I wanted to talk about is, 'You Are What You Eat', and right now there's a carb-bomb going off in my stomach. I've been glued to this program on BBC America where a fearsome Scot terrorizes people with visions of what they've eaten in the past week. Then she guides them towards the peppermint tea and celeriac casserole. The trainwreck/salvation aspect of this program does make compelling viewing (more compelling than Dora) but I have several issues with the show. Firstly, the presenter is the most terrifyingly pinched and anaemic looking nutritionist. She doesn't glow with health, just with zeal for converting people. Mostly though, I'm cross at how it's always the woman of the house who's faced with making the Aduki Bean Casserole for the family dinner, from scratch, using four hours of her 'spare' time each day. While blokey no doubt sits down in front of the telly sneaking a can of lager and some prawn cocktail crisps.

What I find interesting is not the inevitable, 'wow don't we look better we've lost weight' reveal at the end of the show, it's how the people feel better, have tonnes more energy, their sex drives leaping about with very un-British candour. I like how she addresses each mineral's particular job, how so many Brits, overweight or not, are malnourised when it comes to some key nutrients like B-vitamins and zinc. She has a very interesting way of judging your health by examining your tongue, and then your poop. Apologies if you're eating. I am fascinated by the idea of kick-starting my flagging immune system and energy levels by just eating better. But why is it so hard to remember that before you down that giant bag of jalapeno Cheetos?

If you can, try and catch the show, because not only might you learn something, you can't deny the comedy aspect of some bloke from the dodgy end of Leeds clutching his shopping list and trying to find quinoa and miso soup in his local Co-op. That's worth watching right there.


Amy said...

that's an interesting topic. i want to catch the show. my son whose in 2nd grade has been discussing food groups and food labels as well as healthy eating in his health class. it's so funny to hear it from a 7 year old.

Fresh Hell said...

Is this nutritionist one of those wack-os who promotes high colonics with coffee? Actually, you are supposed to get a screaming coffee high whilst liberating your bowels of all the nasty rot that doesn't make it through.

Hokey . . . I've just disgusted myself. How DO I do it?

It'sgrimupnorth said...

Ah the delights of Dr Gillian Mckeith and her plastic trays of poop. The reason the bloke is nowhere to be seen is that (as Dr Gillian delightfully tells all the viewers) invariably on this programme the woman has a rather embarrassing fungal problem from eating too much yeasty white bread!

AliBlahBlah said...

If anything could ever put me off a nice white bread bacon butty that last comment is it.

Little Britainer said...

I think there have been a lot of rumblings by 'real' doctors in the UK as to whether Dr Gillian's advice is worth anything or not... But it is kind of captivating telly.

If you like that, you should keep your eyes out for 'House of Tiny Terrors' which I think starts next month on TLC. I got addicted to it before I left the UK (the Doc in it is fascinating in a different way to Dr G--less terrifying--but the family dynamics make it compulsive viewing.)

AliBlahBlah said...

Little Britainer - I have seen House of Tiny Terrors while visiting back home, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Different show, same emphasis on poop!