Friday, November 21, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

Driving home from school last night I asked Anna what she wanted for Christmas. I explained that sometimes people wrote letters to Father Christmas (I'm still labouring under the delusion that she'll say F.C. instead of 'Santa Claus' - it's not working). That if you explained to Father Christmas (say Father Christmas, say Father Christmas!!!!) what you thought you might like, then he would know what to tell the elves to make. The lies start early.

Her eyes grew round with the possibilities.

This is Anna's Christmas list:

  • Candy
  • Choclit
  • A big bag of candy
  • A small plastic squirrel
  • A pink present with stripes and polka dots with candy inside
That is it.

I was going to write 'if only it was this easy every year' but seriously, where am I going to find a small plastic squirrel?


Expat mum said...

I am just about to post on this and I just wish my little one's list was as modest. Will keep an eye out for the plastic squirrel.

Jen - The Alien Spouse said...

Archie McPhee have one! Well sort of, it's a soft latex rather than a hard plastic. Would that do, or is the rigidity of the squirrel the important bit?

Anyway, here's a link:

Sugarplum's Mom said...

Michael's or Target might have some.. little animal figurines and you may be able to find a squirrel

Anonymous said...

Go to kritters in the mailbox squirrels - they have a couple. She'll probably ask for a million other obscure things for Christmas - never miss an opportunity to please her. Love Fluffy

ExpatKat said...

My son's letter to Santa (Grrr) is sitting on the hall table. He keeps nagging me to post it. I've been a bit busy. Not sure what he wants but the letter is very heavy on the 'I've been good' theme!

ExpatKat said...

PS: Good luck with the squirrel!

Trannyhead said...

The good news is you can buy ANYTHING online. The internet is a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

i love my mom for never missing an opportunity to please! jennifer

Ali said...

Even though we grew up with Father Christmas in Australia, it's slowly changing here so that everyone says Santa instead. Drives my husband bonkers!

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