Monday, November 10, 2008

Double Stroller Advice Needed

Sorry, this is an automatic switch-off for anyone without any kids (or quite frankly anyone with anything better to do). I'm trying to decide whether to invest in a double stroller. Any suggestions? Anna will be 3 1/2 when creature #2 makes her debut. We had considered not getting a double stroller and just using a sling for the newbie and our trusted Bob for Anna if necessary. Is a stroller even necessary once a child reaches 4-ish? I'd thought not, but on reflection it certainly makes shopping easier to have her confined and not whining or walking at..........the.........slowest........pace...........of........all..........time (and pointing out every leaf/dandelion/'treasure' in our path).

We chuffing love our Bob, it's even flown with us to the UK more than once, but a double Bob just fills me with fear. There's no popping in and out of shops with this thing:

Someone suggested this from Phil and Teds:

and despite the fact that we'd have to take out a mortgage to acquire it (LK's flat-screen fund is not looking good), it is seeming to make more and more sense. The key for me is that it's a jogger, so I could still go out and run off this lard I'm accumulating. We spend a lot of time walking around town or running down by the beach. Yet (unlike me) it's not the size of a small aircraft carrier. Plus the terrible twosome won't be sitting next to each other and poking each other into a frenzy of crying. Also, the re-sale on these things is better than a chuffing Honda Pilot (I'm not kidding, we could still get $$$$ for our 2 year old Bob dubious stains notwithstanding).

Also - more importantly, does it come with cupholders? and if Anna farts (and bear in mind she is related to my brother) will she kill her sibling instantly????

Any thoughts? Recommendations?


Sarah D said...

speaking as a child-free type person... please say no to the side by side one. they drive me flippin' mental with how "in the way" they always are :)

AliBlahBlah said...

Sarah d - you are so right, precisely why I'm trying to avoid the double/side-by-side stroller. I don't want to be that Mum constantly going 'scuse me, pardon me' and knocking off every item on every shelf within a 400 mile radius.

american mum said...

Hands down go with Phil & Teds. We have a Sport and we LOVE it! It accommodates two in many different arrangements but it's not twice the length or width. (And yes, you can get a cup holder for it, but it's extra. But worth it in my opinion. Comes with a little pocket too that's handy for keys or lip gloss.) And as if it matters, but anybody sensible with two back in England has one. It's what all the cool moms have.

Hyphen Mama said...

We wondered the same thing when we pondered getting a double stroller. Wynnie was coming up on 4. We bought one just in case. OH YES... we've used the heck out of ours. She's 5 and we still poke her in the back seat when we need to walk faster than a snail's pace. Cup holder ABSOLUTELY necessary.

itsgrimupnorth said...

Side by side for me, there's nothing better than being within poking/winding up range of your older sister!

Almost American said...

DD was 3 1/2 when DS arrived. We managed without the double stroller. I have friends who regretted buying a double stroller because it was simply so huge to maneuver in and out of the car, and to steer when pushing it! I think there may have been a brief time when we took 2 strollers with us, but mostly DS was in a sling and DD was in the stroller or walking. A 'buggy board' on the back of the stroller might have been useful, but we survived without it.

OTOH, a set of 'reins' for DD was well worth the money - starting with when I was pregnant I couldn't run fast enough to catch her. They gave her the feeling of being independent and me the security of knowing that she couldn't run off.

Almost American said...

Just reread your post - you're a jogger? Go with the Phil & Teds!

ExpatKat said...

I'm with Phil & Teds. DD1 was just over 2 when DD2 came along. I borrowed a stroller with one seat in front of the other and it was great. In those days they weren't as manouvreable as they are today though. I ended up with a small side by side one when DD2 could sit up and found I couldn't get into half the shops in town because I couldn't get through the doors. It was a pain. If you walk a lot, go for Phil & Teds. The chance of being able to jog too will be a bonus.

Daffodilly said...

Defenitley get one as even though she is a little older they are priceless for getting around, especially if you are a jogger.

One advantage of the side by side strollers is that the toddler can hold a bottle or entertain the baby when needed.

I had a side by side & they are a pain to go in & out of shops however so many people feel sorry for you & hold open doors etc. Ours went all over the world with us and it was worth every penny.

What about the Maclaren umbrella handles type as they pack away nicely too?

Good luck!

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