Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The In-Box From Hell

How can I not write about last night? I have a lot of good friends from both sides of the political spectrum (admittedly heavily weighted towards the bleeding-heart-liberal have-no-money-but-plenty-of-wine crowd), but it does feel like after all the rhetoric, the voting, the tears, that last night we all won. McCain's acceptance speech was the best thing I've seen from him in the entire campaign. Obama, I thought, was rightly sobre and inspiring. What made me laugh was someone describing the upcoming months for Obama as 'the in-box from hell'. I thought about that a lot as I worked my ass off today at the office. I tried to be swept up in the enormity of the moment and not instead spend time thinking that Mrs Obama's dress looked like she'd just been paint-balled.

I am wary of weighing in with my political opinions, mostly because this is not my country - and nothing can be more irritating than an expat waxing lyrical about the shortcomings of their adoptive homeland (although I do seem to have built a blog around that). I will say, that last night for the first time in 10 years, I felt proud to be living in this country, and hopeful for its future and for the future of my daughters. I am ready to do my part. I feel like I could belong here. It was an amazing night.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, America, you totally rock - and not just because you invented Jalapeno Cheetos.

(and yes, our tenant's offensive banner was prop 8, California did pass it, and no, he has not yet taken it down).


ExpatKat said...

I feel just the same. I was beginning to wonder what the heck we'd got ourselves into moving here, but now I feel proud to be here. Who knows, I might just manage the citizenship thing too now!!

mmennen said...

I am an American citizen, was raised her my whole life, and this is the FIRST time I have been proud to be from this country. I think I am actually more proud of of the people that made this happen - the other 48% of the voters who are also my fellow countrymen still worry me.

So as an expat, I would think it could take a lot more to win over your respect. Feel free to be critical of the USA because we still need to learn a lot of lessons!

Go Obama! His ability to motivate and inspire are the historic events in my mind, not the color of his skin. But I do love that he also represents the melting pot that is our world - a true 21st century man!