Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Having just churned out 15 lovingly personalized thankyou notes I would just like to say two things; firstly, people who buy thankyou notes as baby shower gifts are chuffing brilliant and secondly, my handwriting is appalling.

I can guarantee my college friends are laughing in agreement right now.

The fabulous Mrs H had to copy many a lecture from me that consisted of nothing but nnnns and mmmss. What at first glance looks to be neatly ordered tiny writing on closer inspection resembles a march of miniature caterpillars. Completely illegible. Not as bad as J's lecture notes though - as J had taken Economics A-level, and while his script was legible, unlike the rest of us he knew various cunning economic symbols and used them rampantly. Borrowing his lecture notes would mean copying down phrases such as 'the economy showed increasing ∆ after the Bretton Woods agreement'. Useful! Reminds me of a love letter I received from a boyfriend whilst at College. I read it on the way to a lecture (I did attend a smattering), crossing through Corpus courtyard hungrily eating up every word. I hadn't counted on the effect of rain upon fountain pen though and was somewhat dismayed to read 'you are the most *rain splat* person I have ever met'. I never did find out what. That has never happened to me in California I might add.

I also think my handwriting's getting worse (groans from all those due to receive a thankyou note in the next few days). I spend 95% of my time typing, both at work and at home, and the remaining 5% which is handwritten is done at a doctor's office, so you can understand the inevitable decline. It feels so alien to write more than a few lines, I feel like I'm losing the skill. Anybody else feel like this?

Also, as an aside, have I managed to go an entire lifetime thinking that thankyou is a word. Why is blogger constantly underlining it in red, is it only ever thank you?


mccutcheon said...

I'm a journalist so I can't get around writing by hand. Unfortunately practice does not make it more legible. Apparently no one has told my hand that m's, n's and r's are supposed to look different :)

And I'm not a native but I'm pretty sure it's thank you and not thankyou.

Almost American said...

Yes, since starting to use the computer on a regular basis my handwriting has gotten worse and worse! It used to be quite nice (IMHO anyway!)

Eden Kennedy Onassis said...

That was seriously the best thank you note I've ever received and I found it quite legible, thank you very much.

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