Sunday, November 02, 2008

Favourite Halloween Photo

This is NaBloPoMo - there will be a lot of photos masquerading as posts. This is my favourite from Halloween night, taken by LK:

Rather like my husband, this is not only beautiful, but actually has substance. This is a very slow-exposure photo of Anna, wearing a flashing neon necklace, going trick-or-treating. I would marry him all over again just for the fact that he would think to take this photo.

And he had the forethought to bring the flashing necklace, that we bought at Disneyland a year ago, because he wanted to keep her visible during Halloween night. Ok, enough about the bloke - are these pregnancy hormones causing me to turn to mush or what?

As an aside - is it just Santa Barbara or the whole of the US that doesn't have streetlights in residential areas? Even in rural North Yorkshire the streets are all well-lit, here, pitch black. Not only that, all the paving slabs are at jaunty angles from the various earth tremors that have hit over the years (and yes, I managed to sleep through a 2.8 earthquake centred a mile away from here only a few mornings ago). I'm surprised all the nocturnal dog-walkers in SB haven't repeatedly broken their legs, it is lethal out there people - and I haven't even mentioned the crab spiders have I?


ExpatKat said...

Yes, the lack of street lighting here really struck me too when we first moved over!

Hyphen Mama said...

The placement of street lights is a fun little game for those powers that be who are in charge of placing them. There are none where you'd want them... and MANY where you'd never in a million years want one, due to the blinding brightness of it. I think it's the same people who can't time the stop lights correctly. It's a US thing.