Friday, November 28, 2008

I Blame Go, Diego Go

Yesterday, when walking in to town as a family, we heard a dog barking hoarsely in the background.

Anna: "Mom! Did you hear that?"
Me: "Mmm?"
Anna: "That's a tapir!"

Quickly followed by this gem at the Thanksgiving dinner table:

(Anna had just performed a rousing rendition of 'the peanut song' to a packed crowd of four older friends of my father-in-law - much clapping and encoring ensued).

Anna: "You're welcome big butt!"
Crowd "......"
Elderly lady #1: "I think she said you're welcome big bud"
Anna (to a lady with a large arse): "NO! You're welcome BIG BUTT"
LK & I in unison: "Anna - please say you're sorry, you can't say things like that"
Anna (genuinely perplexed): "Why not? It's just real life"


Expat mum said...

This is just the beginning trust me. You have to come up with some sort of rule that makes them feel very good for sticking to it. Like - "We don't say anything about someone when they're right in front of us". That would have my little ones positively bursting to comment on the huge bottom of the woman in front, or the hair sticking out of the man's nose etc. then they would proudly tell us out of earshot of offending person.
Of course the little one has taken this rule to mean that you can say what the hell you want about anyone, as long as they're not there to hear it!

Hyphen Mama said...

At least she knows it's just real life!!

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