Saturday, November 08, 2008

Christmas Photoshoot

LK's task this week (or if you believe him, task #1 of eleventy-billion) was to take a Christmas photo of Anna. I'm trying to get organized a little earlier than normal this year, for obvious reasons, and it was my goal to get the cards ordered this weekend, particularly as they will be winging their way around the world and not just California. I did get them ordered, but I thought you might be interested in the rejects. Well perhaps not 'interested' exactly, but this is NaBloPoMo after all and you'll chuffing get what you're given.

I do seem to have embraced this quintessentially American tradition of sending a photo-card for 'the holidays'. I draw the line at matching Christmas sweaters, and as long as I'm in charge you will never see me on a Christmas card, but it is nice to get a shot of people's kids particularly if you don't get to see them that often. Or are my hormones just out of whack? I'm interested in your thoughts on this actually - particularly the non-Americans - do you think it's showing off or lovely? (A Christmas card from us may or may not hang in the balance here).

Anyway, the direction was; red spotty cardigan, hair in plaits, on the beach, either the ocean or palm trees in shot.

I bring you, the pictures that didn't make it:

A little too 'God Bless America' for my taste. Wow, she's really channeling 50% of her heritage here isn't she?

Action photo - I call this one 'leap of faith' or 'don't shoot'.

Nearly but not quite.

This is without doubt my favourite, but it might cause my aged relatives to re-adjust their bifocals.

I also love this one, but it might cause a crick in the neck if it was on someone's mantelpiece (and of course it would be, front and centre damn it).

My little ham.

Not sure if I should post the 'winner' as I'd hate to ruin the surprise, and you my faithful readership of 8 are probably all on my Christmas card list anyway.


Hyphen Mama said...

I love the one with the moon (or is that a big star??) in the back ground.

I tried to take pictures of my kids a few weeks you think both were looking at the camera at the same time? Oh heck no!

mcC said...

you could post the winner at christmas so people who are not on your christmas list could see it too :)

Anonymous said...

We love NaBloPoMo! And we love getting Christmas cards with pictures of any of you on. AND we have a space on the mantelpiece just waiting to be filled... S&G x

çiçekçi said...

wery wery godd