Thursday, November 06, 2008

Men Are From Mars

For a while there, when things were really tight. And hairy. Hairy and tight. We were talking about canceling Christmas. I'm sure a lot of families are facing the same decision this year. We had decided to buy a few things for our niece and nephew, and for Anna, but everyone else, sorry you were SOL. I had already drafted the email in my head.

Then our mortgage company sent an 11th hour Fed-Ex and things are a little less hairy and a little less tight. We don't have to cancel Christmas entirely, but we'd still decided to hold off exchanging gifts between ourselves. I remember the conversation falling along the lines of 'let's not get anything for each other, maybe we could buy something for the house or the new baby that we really need'. Which is how the following conversation happened:

LK: Looking at the calendar. 'Wait, you're working this Friday'
Me: 'Yes, I have to go in, we're short-staffed, but at least we'll get a little extra money for the..'
LK: 'TV fund'
Me: at the exact same second 'Baby fund'

Me: 'Wait, what TV fund?'
LK: 'Er, yeah, remember, something for the house, I thought we'd talked about a flat-screen TV'
Me: "--"
LK: 'Face it, we're going to spend a helluva lot more time looking at a TV than we ever are a baby'.

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Hyphen Mama said...

Wow... it's a good thing you like him.