Friday, November 14, 2008

Evacuation Warning

We are under an evacuation warning - not sure if we could even get back to our house if we needed to (note - don't pack jogging trousers if you think it's going to be 80ยบ the next day). If you examined the stuff I threw in a bag in a frenzied 15 minutes of packing and contractions during the power outage last night, a mini flashlight clutched between my teeth, you would laugh. 15 pairs of knickers 1 t-shirt and a pair of high heeled work shoes. WTF??? 

We spent a fraught night at a friends house (where they have power - and a laptop). Our neighbourhood looks like a warzone. They are using the school across from us as a helicopter and emergency vehicle staging area. That much I can see from the TV. The air is thick with ash and smoke and they are predicting Santa Ana winds for the remainder of the day (hot, fry off-shore winds - basically fanning the fire down towards us).

I could really do with a pair of shorts and some eye-liner. And a cup of tea. Ironic really as it's called the Tea Fire - obviously out to get all heavily pregnant Brits in the area.

Will try and keep you posted.


ExpatKat said...

Keep safe Ali. Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

We have shorts and tea. You are always welcome here. Stay safe. S & G x

Hyphen Mama said...

That is so so scary. Please stay safe.

chole said...

still thinking more good thoughts your way from a couple of continents and an ocean away. hoping they're wrong about the santa anas today!

voyance said...

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